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Production and Quality

As ALDESA, we have worked elaborately in all our processes from Design to Product Delivery, to provide you better quality and more innovative products;

Our design process is precisely completed by our Engineers and Technical Staff in computer-aided programs in order to provide the technical features required by our products.

The supply chain of the raw materials and semi-finished products necessary for the ready-to-design products to be ready for production is made by us, by carefully selecting and meeting the necessary quality conditions.

Before production, the machining of mechanical parts in accordance with the design is carried out by our own experienced technical team in our CNC-Controlled Machine Park.

Our Production Lines are designed in accordance with Lean Production Technologies and it is aimed to get the quality product out of the line at once and on time.

Original ALDESA Equipment is used in our Production and Pre-Treatment Lines.

In our Production Lines, functional tests of all our products are made 100%.

Production dates and lot numbers of our products are marked on the product and traceability checks are carried out in this way.

Our finished product shipments are sent to our distributors and services in ALDESA Original Boxes and with 100% Quality Controls.