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The Most Perfect With Its Superior Reducer Technology You Are Always Safe With Our Reliable And Durable LPG Tanks In European Standards. Are You Ready To Meet With The Most Innovative Technology? Environmentally Friendly Ecological LPG Systems For A Green Future

Domestic and Strong Brand

25 Years of Experience

Quality and Performance

Original Equipments

ALDESA Autogas Systems

ALDESA, which started its journey in Istanbul in 1994, continues to serve you as the preferred brand of LPG Conversion Systems in Turkey and many countries around the world today.
With modern production lines, all necessary Quality System Documents and experienced workforce, our belief that we will carry this reliable brand further is getting stronger with you every day.

Advanced technology that respects nature


As ALDESA, we have combined all necessary LPG Conversion System parts under a single brand.
Thus, it will be much easier for you to purchase all the system parts you need from a single address with the assurance of ALDESA.
You can find all the products you need in 6 different categories, and you can review our wide range of products along with their technical specifications on the relevant pages.


ALDESA Distributors

We are increasing our dealer network day by day in order to be closer to you.
By always keeping your customer satisfaction at the forefront, we aim for you to reach us easily if you need it in your region.
You can reach our distributorss by selecting your city on the map.

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Find Out How Much You Can Save with ALDESA


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Why ALDESA Autogas Systems

More Economical

Comparing to your gasoline vehicle, you will save 40-50% fuel in LPG fuel usage. Thus, you will recover the costs you spend for LPG Conversion in a short time.

More Eco-Friendly

LPG has lower CO2 emission than gasoline and diesel fossil fuels and is a much cleaner fuel.


Contrary to popular belief, LPG offers a much safer fuel option. Thanks to the thick walls of LPG Tanks and the safety valves of the system, a safer drive awaits you compared to gasoline vehicles.

Less Service Maintenance

Since LPG is a much cleaner fuel compared to gasoline, your service maintenance costs will decrease while your service maintenance periods such as engine oil change and spark plug replacement will be longer.

Longer Travels

Aracınızda iki yakıt tankı olmasının keyfini çıkarın . Benzin / LPG istasyonlarına uğramadan , yolda kalırım endişesi olmadan , sadece benzin tankı ile gittiğiniz mesafenin yaklaşık 2 katı kadar uzaklara seyahat edin .